Common Questions

Are your RV rentals just for vacations?

The idea that renting an RV is only appropriate for vacation is a common misconception. People choose to rent RVs for a variety of reasons, including temporary housing and special events.

Is there a campground you’d recommend that is close to your rental location?

The closes place to us is Draper Lake, nearly 5 minutes away. Beaver’s Bend is also very popular in Broken Bow, Ok. If you want to explore the many activities available to you with an RV rental in Oklahoma, Travelok will help you find the perfect destination.

Where do I find out about RV rental rates?

Our rental rates are all the same. However, the prices differ based on the model and size of the trailer.

Do I need a special license to rent and/or tow a RV rental trailer?

In order to rent and/or tow a trailer rental, an individual must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license from their State of residence. No special class or permit is required.

Do you deliver RV rentals or camper rentals to your customers’ preferred location?

Yes, we charge $2 per mile with a minimum charge of $50 (milage is calculated as total distance from our location to delivery site and back to our location).

What if I return my RV rental or camper rental later than expected?

RV rentals that are more than 1 hour late will be charged $75 late fee plus one full day at the daily rental rate for the unit. More importantly if another family has scheduled their vacation with the RV in your possession they may not be able to begin their trip as planned. We strive to treat each renter with respect by having their rental ready for their reservation time.

How early can I reserve an RV rental, camper rental or travel trailer rental?

Typically, we take reservations no more than 12 months in advance. However, with a security deposit you may pay and reserve your rental up to 18 months in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations over 30 days in advance will be charged a fee of $75, cancellations less than 30 days will be charged $150, and cancellations within 72 hours will be charged a $300 cancellation fee to help cover loss of profit from other potential customers due to your reservation.

What should I bring with me?


  • Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, sheets, etc
  • Towels, wash clothes, dish towels, dish cloths
  • Pot holders
  • Paper towels, facial tissues, RV/Marine toilet paper only!
  • Door mat
  • Laundry bag
  • Camera, film
  • Flashlight, spare batteries
  • Rope, clothesline, clothes pins
  • Matches
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Sunscreen
  • Extension Cords (heavy duty)
  • Small broom/dust pan
  • Umbrella
  • Washable Crayons Only
  • Dish Soap, bath soap, shampoo, etc
  • Video/Audio – CDs/DVDs, MP3 players and laptop computers (many campgrounds have WI-FI)


  • Salt, pepper, herbs, condiments
  • Dishes (paper or plastic), flatware, utensils, cups, napkins
  • Can opener (manual)
  • Potato peeler
  • Coffee maker
  • Pots, pans (iron skillet, sauce pans)
  • Garbage/Trash bags & plastic food bags
  • Drinking Water (we do not recommend drinking or cooking with water from the motorhome holding tank)
  • Aluminum foil, zip-loc bags
  • Ice Chests & ice
  • Grill & charcoal
  • Scouring pads
  • Cleansers
  • Pancake turner
  • Large spoons
  • Long-handled forks
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing bowl
  • Toaster

This is a guide to help you in preparing for your trips. You may not need all these items and there might very well be items you will want that are not on this list. It’s just a guide. We hope it will be helpful. You can also CLICK HERE to rent most of these accessories from us.

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