Rental Policy


You will be given a complete walk through of your travel trailer at the time of departure taking approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Please arrive early of your departure time to allow for this step.


Minimum 3-4 day rentals depending on the season. Long term packages are also available.
Pickup/Return time is 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Maintenance Fee

A maintenance fee of $75 will be due at the time of pick up. This fee covers regular maintenance required to deodorize/sanitize holding tanks and fresh water tanks, winterizing as needed, replacement of item damaged due to regular wear and tear, etc.

Cancellation and Delayed Pickup

Cancellations over 30 days in advance will be charged a $75 fee. Cancellations less than 30 days in advance will be charged a $150 fee. Cancellations within 72 hours of scheduled rental departure will be charged $300 up to the full cost of the rental whichever is greater to help cover loss of profit from other potential customers due to your reservation. Please contact our office as early as possible if you are going to be unavoidably delayed. Remember other customers pickup times are affected if you are late for your pick up.


Extending your vacation is possible, but not guaranteed. You must ask permission prior to our return date and the additional nights must be paid for (usually by the credit card on file) before the extension is effective.

Return time

It is our policy to provide our customers with on-time service. To accomplish this, we need the cooperation of our renters to return the motor home at the prescribed return time. Late returns may cause delays in checking you in. You should allow a minimum of (1) one hour for returning the vehicle and more if the vehicle has been damaged. Any unauthorized returns after 3:00 PM will be considered late and charged accordingly. To assure compliance, it is necessary for us to assess a late fee of $75 and the daily rate for each day the vehicle is late.


A $300 security deposit is required for travel trailers paid upon making the reservation. Motor homes will require a minimum deposit of $500 upon making your reservation. Any additional balance due is to be paid 1-2 weeks prior to your pick-up date. The security deposit must be paid by credit card. Security deposits will be returned to the renter within 14 days of the return date as long as there are no additional charges to be made. Adjustments for gasoline, mileage, and generator use need to be paid at the time of the rental return.


Full payment of estimated charges is three weeks from the departure date. Any additional charges for excess miles, (credit for unused miles), extra cleaning, fuel, generator use or repair / damage deemed the responsibility of the renter will be calculated upon return. All charges in excess of the security deposit will be the responsibility of the renter with payment due immediately.


To be paid immediately to hold a reservation. Without a down payment the reservation cannot be confirmed or held. Debit card or credit card must be kept on file to complete reservation. This debit card or credit card will be used to cover any additional fees for cleaning, damage, etc.


Fees are payable by cash, personal check, certified check, traveler check, and debit card or credit card 3 weeks prior to travel.


Rentals may be delivered at a cost of $2 per mile with a minimum fee of $50 (mileage is calculated as total distance from our location to delivery site and back to our location).


Proper identification: a valid driver’s license, current insurance card from your vehicle and a Credit Card must be presented before leaving with a vehicle.

ALL DRIVERS MUST BE 25 YEARS OF AGE and have a clean driving record

No more than one minor traffic violation or at-fault accident and NO major violations (Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Driving while under the Influence of drugs or alcohol), in the last three years.


Any violation will result in a penalty of $250 plus actual charges for deep cleaning or repairing of the rental unit.


Rental vehicles are not permitted into Mexico.


We do not provide liability insurance coverage on the Vehicle. You agree to provide liability insurance coverage on the Vehicle through the insurance policy that covers your towing vehicle. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all third party claims arising from operation, maintenance and use of the Vehicle. You are responsible all damage to, or loss or theft of, the Vehicle, whether or not you are at fault. Your responsibility includes the cost of repair or the actual retail cash value of the Vehicle if it is not repairable or if we elect not to repair it. You will pay us for Loss of Use, Diminished Value and a reasonable charge to cover our administrative expenses connected with a damage claim. You must report all accidents involving the Vehicle to us and the police within 24 hours of occurrence.


In the unlikely event of mechanical difficulties with your rental vehicle, we want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If breakdowns occur and repairs are needed, any repair up to $50.00 may be done. Any repairs $50.00 or over must have prior authorization from AAA RV Sales and Rentals. Please save and submit all receipts for repairs. Refunds will not be made without a receipt. Also, keep in mind you are responsible for general maintenance while vehicle is in your possession. For example, during cold weather you must either keep water tanks empty or keep a supply of propane, battery power, etc. as to ensure that the vehicle stays warm enough to prevent pipes and water tank from freezing and causing damage.


All rentals are charged an up front maintenance fee of $75 at the time of pick up. However, any excessive interior or exterior grime, stains, dirt, requiring deep cleaning will be charged for, in addition to the prepaid cleaning fee, at our shop rate of $110.00 per hour plus supplies and / or required contracted cleaning services.


You are responsible for making sure that holding tanks are dumped prior to return. If tanks are not cleaned prior to return, you will be charged a $110 fee for us to dump it for you at our standard hourly rate.


The trailers are released to you with 2 20 lb tanks filled with propane. The propane tanks will be filled at no charge to the renter as part of our service to you.


Use of the generator is available for $2.00 per hour. In lieu of the hourly rate, unlimited used can be obtained by prepaying $20.00 per day for the generator. One full tank of fuel will be included.

Vehicle Height

Be sure and watch for low hanging branches, canopies at gas stations and fast-food restaurants, and parking structures.

Weight Limits

All vehicles have a weight limit established by the chassis manufacturer. You should always be careful not to exceed the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of the vehicle. Traveling with full fuel, water, and waste tanks makes the vehicle quite heavy and cuts down on the carrying capacity of people, personal, items food, and luggage. It also affects fuel economy. If you have any questions regarding weight, please consult our personnel or check the weight label found inside the trailer.


If involved in an accident you must notify AAA RV Sales and Rentals within 24 hours. A full written police accident report must be submitted to our management upon your return. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit.

Vehicle Loss or Damage

In the unfortunate situation that there is damage to the rental unit when you return, we want you to know how those situations will be handled. Our goal is to be as up front and clear as possible so there are no surprises. If you have ANY questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Estimate / Appraisal

An estimate / appraisal will be done to determine repair and replacement costs to the unit.


We charge manufacturer retail prices for all replacement parts required to put the vehicle back into new condition. We will give you a detailed listing of the parts we use. If the parts are not an item that we normally stock, you will also be charged for freight and expedited delivery. It is necessary that the vehicle be placed back into a serviceable condition as quickly as possible. All parts and supply charges are taxable.


We charge our standard shop labor rate of $110.00 per hour.

Body / Chassis Shop

Some repairs require outside service assistance. If we use an outside shop, you will be responsible for the transportation costs of the vehicle to and from the shop.

Any additional terms will be disclosed at the time the rental agreement is signed.

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    1. admin

      Sorry, we do not allow pets in any of our rentals.

  1. Bonnie Helterhoff

    Do you have any special rates for the Rving women convention in Oct? I would need the unit delivered to the campground ( cannot tow). Only need a small unit- just me.

    1. admin

      We don’t offer any special rates, but we can deliver for you. Our delivery fee is $2 per mile. The convention in Shawnee, OK is 39 miles away from us here in OKC, OK. Also, our smallest trailer rents for $110 per day.

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