Add-on Packages


***All travel trailers include 2 propane tanks, battery, 2 rolls of tissue.***


First Aid Kit $5:  first aid kit includes a full assortment of treatments for common injuries along with a first aid guide


Bathroom Package $20:  4 wash clothes, 4 dry towels, 1 hand towel, bar of soap, shampoo


Bedroom Package $30:  comforter, sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillows w/ pillow cases


Kitchen Package $35:  2 ice cube trays, silverware (4 spoons, 4 forks, 4 steak knifes), 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups, 2 mugs, cookie sheet, oven mitt, pots, pans, cutting knives, can opener, other utensils, dish soap, hand soap, dish towel, first aid kit


Linen Package $40:  bedroom & bathroom package


***Premium Package*** $75:  Includes all packages above


***Also Available***:  Television $50 per trip (2360 bh & 2875 bh models only)


To request one of these packages, please notify us during reservation or by phone at (405)634-1429. We will need at least 1 week advanced notice to prepare bedding and towels.

14 comments on “Add-on Packages

  1. Tilcia F

    I’m interested in renting for Rocklahoma 2019 May 23-27, with bed linens. How much would that be and how many people does the travel trailer sleep? I note that you do delivery, set up and pick up, for Rocklahoma, so am interested to know if one space would work or should we rent 2 camping spaces.

    1. admin

      Hello Tilcia, we may have a couple of options depending on how many people you will need to sleep and how much space you want. One space should be enough for the trailer. We will be closed May 27, for Memorial Day. Your rental would have to run through Tues. May 28. Our smallest trailer is 23 ft long and sleeps up to 5 people. Your total for the rental from 5/23 to 5/28 would come to $755.47 after tax, plus a $300 refundable deposit. Deliver would cost an additional $600. Please give us a call at 405-634-14290 for more info. Thank you.

  2. Kim Oliver

    I am wanting to rent a motorhome to go to red river new mexico in December for a total of 8 days could you give me an estimate on what that would cost.

    1. admin

      Hello Kim, the estimated cost for your rental for 8 nights would come to $1487.73 after tax. You would also have an estimated mileage fee of $55 and a $500 refundable deposit. Please give us a call at 405-634-1429 for more info. Thank you.

  3. Rebecca s Thacker

    I am interested in renting a non-tow RV Nov 1-6 for 5 people. Is mileage included? I have never rented an RV before, and would like to price an RV rental vs driving my truck and staying at hotels. I contacted another RV rental, they advertised one price online, but the actual quote was 3xs the internet site “price”.
    What would the total price be if we got the kitchen pack and one T.V.?
    Thank you

    1. admin

      Your total for the dates you requested would come to $1130.78 total after tax w/ the kitchen package. We also require an additional $500 deposit which will be refunded to you within 3 days of your return. Unfortunately, the TV option is not available with the motor home. You will get 100 miles free for each night that you rent (in your case 500 free miles). Once your free miles have been used, you are charged $0.35 per additional mile. Please give us a call at 405-634-1429 for more info. Thank you.

  4. Mike McKown

    My wife and I are considering renting your Wilderness trailer on the 23rd of Nov for 4 days to Lake Thunderbird. We would like it to be delivered and returned. Is the trailer or a comparable one available for those dates?

    Thank You,

    1. admin

      Hello Mike, we still have our smallest travel trailer (2013 Heartland Wilderness 2350 bh) available. We will closed for Thanksgiving and on the weekend, so your rental would have to be picked up on Mon. 11/28. You would have a rental cost of $678.91 plus a delivery fee of $114 for a total of $792.91. We also require a $300 deposit which would be refunded within 3 days of the end of your rental. Please give us a call at 405-634-1429 for more info or to make your reservation. Thank you.

  5. Jerry Dyvig

    i am considering renting 2 RV’s to be delivered in Edmond for company coming down to visit on Oct 14-15
    We have 2 acres and would park them on our acreage at Kelly & Sorgum mill in Edmond.
    Each RV would need to sleep 4-6
    any quotes?
    Jerry dyvig

    1. admin

      Sorry Jerry, we don’t have any more rentals available for those dates.

  6. Michelle Sparks

    I’m looking to rent an RV for a family trip to Disney World in Florida, I would like to rent it from Friday, July 1 – Monday, July 11, 2016.

    1. admin

      We have a 30 ft long Class C motorhome with no slide out that sleeps up to 8 people. It rents for $170 per day with a $500 deposit. Please give me a call at 405-634-1429 if you would like to make a reservation or to discuss any additional questions. Thank you.

    1. admin

      We would love to help you. Just give us a call at 405-634-1429 and we will help you get a rental reserved for your get away.

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